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Popular Casino Beliefs

Many of the popular beliefs relating to casino gambling are completely true, but there seem to be a lot more which have no basis in fact at all. For some reason, there are more myths about playing casino games than there for any other form of gambling

We can't really explain why this is the case. What we can do, though, is try to dispel some of these myths. In this article we set the record straight in terms of what's true and what's not. We have listed a few of the most commonly held beliefs about casinos, and looked at just how accurate they are.

Technically, this is true. The odds are always against the player, as casino games have a built in house edge that is impossible to overcome. The only way to "beat" the games is to cheat or count cards. Most cheaters get caught eventually, and casinos use several techniques to stop card counters. Therefore, the house will always win in the long run.

The key phrase here is "in the long run". It's not like every single player loses every single time they play. You will lose eventually if you play for long enough, but there is nothing to stop you having winning sessions. With a bit of luck on your side, and the discipline to quit at the right time, it is quite possible to walk away a winner.

This is probably one of the biggest casino myths. The popular belief is that casinos pump oxygen into the room in order to keep the customers awake and make them play for longer. It has been repeated often enough that many people believe it to be true, but it's not.

It would, in fact, be illegal for casinos to do this. There are other perfectly legal methods they use to keep their customers playing, such as free drinks and comps for example. They probably don't need to do anything anyway, as there are plenty of people willing to play the games purely because they want to

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